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Parker's Paws Animal Hospital

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Case Study: CBD

A 9 month old male neutered chihuahua mix presented to Parker’s Paws after stumbling when coming out of his crate. The previous day he was acting normally. Upon examination, it was discovered that he was ataxic (stumbling around with a drunken gait) and weak in his back legs. He was tremoring and had some head bobbing.  His pupils were dilated and he was very sensitive to noises around him. After much discussion on what could have caused this, it was discovered that the owner had given CBD oil for the past week to help with the patients anxiety. Animals overdosed on CBD oil present the same as a dog who has ingested marijuana, even if it is hemp based.  We don’t know if it's due to there being more THC in the product than is claimed, another cannabinoid in the oil that's not accounted for, or if the CBD itself is the problem. While the veterinary community is still learning more about CBD and patients’ reactions to it, be cautious of supplementing in pets as overdoses do happen even with the appropriate labeled dosing. This patient recovered well and is doing great today!  

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